December 12, 2019

Jettison 1.7.5 makes its keyboard shortcuts more flexible and improves handling of encrypted disk images.

This update is FREE if you've purchased a license for Jettison.

If you bought Jettison from St. Clair Software, just download version 1.6 and replace your existing copy, or choose "Check for Updates" from Jettison's menu in your menubar.

If you purchased Jettison through the Mac App Store, please run this version of Jettison once BEFORE you delete or overwrite the old copy of Jettison in your Applications folder. If Jettison is still telling you your trial period is over, please follow these instructions.

What's new in Jettison 1.7.5

  • You can now use unmodified function keys as keyboard shortcuts in Jettison.
  • Fixed ejecting of encrypted sparsebundle disk images so they're correctly locked after being ejected.
  • Correctly handle situations where the system erroneously reports that a drive failed to eject even after successfully ejecting it.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in Jettison's icon disappearing from the menu bar even though it was still running (and working).
  • Eliminated a hang that could occur if Jettison tried to eject a disk with the same name as your system drive and the eject failed.
  • Fixed an error that could cause Jettison to hang if it couldn't determine the name of your Time Machine backup drive.

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