Default Folder: What's new in this release

4/23/03: Default Folder 3.1.5 is now available!
5/08/03: Default Folder F-3.1.5 released in French.
5/08/03: Default Folder DK-3.1.5 available in Danish.

***** The latest release of our 5-mouse-rated Open / Save dialog box enhancer delivers user-requested enhancements and improves compatibility.

For more information about Default Folder, see the Default Folder page. For details on the Eddy Award-winning OS X-native Default Folder X, see the Default Folder X page.

To get the new version, consult the Download Links section below.

Please don't forget that Default Folder is shareware! This is a free update for all Default Folder 3.x users. If you purchased Default Folder 2.x after January 31, 1998, the upgrade is also free. If you've been using Default Folder for longer, you'll need to purchase an upgrade code. You can register or upgrade online with Kagi's secure registration server.

What's New

Version 3.1.5 includes the following changes:

  • For the security-conscious, Default Folder's recent folder menu now includes a "Forget recent folders" command so Default Folder won't let others know where you've been.

  • A bug was corrected that prevented Default Folder from adding a folder containing a double-clicked file to the Recent Folders list.

  • Default Folder will no longer disable Navigation Services in any Carbon application, regardless of the settings in Default Folder's preferences. Carbon applications require Navigation Services in order to function correctly.

Download Links

Click below to download a copy of Default Folder 3.1.5 (1.1 MB).

Download localized versions of Default Folder 3.1.5. (Localized versions of older Default Folder releases are available on our Download Page. As they are completed, localized versions of Default Folder 3.1.5 will be posted here).

If you have trouble contacting our servers, please let us know at

Thanks for your interest in Default Folder! Don't forget to try the other great St. Clair Software Products, including Screen Catcher 2.3.5 with it's fantastic "Catch-All" feature, and the Eddy award-winning OS X version of Default Folder X.

Windows users: If you're looking for a version of Default Folder for Microsoft Windows, you want FileBox eXtender from Hyperionics, which was modeled after Default Folder.


Default Folder 3.1.5 
Downloads are free and all features are enabled for 30 days
Default Folder is $25
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More Information
About Default Folder
What's New
Menu Commands
Reviews and Comments
In my opinion, it's the single most important add-on a Mac user can get!
- Ross A. Reyman
Default Folder is one of the coolest, most useful things I ever dropped in my system folder, and one of the first to get dropped back in when I update the system and the last to get dropped out when I'm having extension problems.
- Nick Wilde
I spend about half my time building and maintaining web sites and can't imagine doing it without Default Folder giving easy access to the multitude of files spread across various disks. It's one of those features that should have been built into the MacOS. Since it wasn't, I'd say it should be added to every web builders' toolkit.
- Ken Wilson
System Requirements
Default Folder works on Macintoshes running System 7.1.2 through 9.2.2, as well as in the Classic environment of Mac OS X.
If you're looking for a version of Default Folder for Microsoft Windows, you want FileBox eXtender from Hyperionics, which was modeled after Default Folder.

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