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JAN 24 2019: Default Folder X 5.3.4 corrects a number of issues with the recent 5.3.3 release, including confusion over privacy settings, crashes on macOS 10.11, an errant contextual menu and a graphical glitch.

Our thanks go out to Takanori Taniguchi, Ronald Leroux, Eberhard Woentz, and Mogens Thyregod for their localization help.

JAN 21 2019: Default Folder X 5.3.3 adds labels to its toolbar and drawer, introduces new keyboard shortcuts, supports the SetApp version of ForkLift, and addresses a number of issues.
JAN 13 2019: HistoryHound 2.0.1 corrects issues with window resizing, Mojave's Dark Mode, App Store licenses and a couple of crashing bugs.
JAN 03 2019: App Tamer 2.4.2 refines its user interface, fixes background scrolling and more.
DEC 18 2018: HistoryHound 2.0 delivers Mojave compatibility, support for Vivaldi and Brave browsers, smarter network usage and a number of compatibility fixes.
OCT 25 2018: Jettison 1.7.2 fixes a single bug that could prevent valid serial numbers from working.
OCT 16 2018: Default Folder X 5.3.2 fixes a problem recognizing tabbed Finder windows and corrects the size of Default Folder X's Finder toolbar buttons.
OCT 16 2018: Jettison 1.7.1 addresses issues with Power Nap, Full Screen mode and license transfer from the Mac App Store.
SEP 28 2018: Default Folder X 5.3.1 corrects a few issues for Mojave users.
SEP 24 2018: App Tamer 2.4.1 brings support for Mojave, including Dark Mode.
SEP 24 2018: Jettison 1.7 is compatible with Mojave, offers more options for remounting drives, and addresses a number of issues.
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