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NOV 19 2021: Default Folder X 5.6.2 corrects significant problems when running on macOS 12.0.1 Monterey.

Our thanks go out to Takanori Taniguchi, Ronald Leroux, Eberhard Woentz, and Mogens Thyregod for their localization help.

NOV 8 2021: Default Folder X 5.6.1 corrects an issue with Monterey and fixes a bug affecting Save sheets in full-screen mode.
OCT 12 2021: Default Folder X 5.6 fully supports macOS 12 Monterey. It also offers numerous compatibility fixes and refinements.
SEP 23 2021: Default Folder X 5.6b5, the latest Monterey-compatible public beta, is available. It removes a workaround for bug in Adobe Photoshop that Adobe has now fixed.
SEP 10 2021: Default Folder X 5.6b4 addresses a bug in the previous beta, fixes an issue with Google Drive and adds support for PDF Studio Pro.
AUG 26 2021: Default Folder X 5.6b3, is available. It's compatible with Apple's latest macOS 12 Monterey beta, while also fixing some minor UI glitches on all versions of macOS and bringing compatibility with Moneydance.
JUL 27 2021: Default Folder X 5.6b2 is a public beta release compatible with Apple's latest beta of macOS 12 Monterey. It also addresses issues with Dropbox, VoiceOver and Flying Logic.
JUL 16 2021: App Tamer 2.6.4 improves its efficiency and squashes bugs related to sleep, fast user switching and VoiceOver.
JUN 25 2021: The public beta release of Default Folder X 5.6b1 brings compatibility with Apple's developer preview of macOS 12 Monterey, as well as fixes for Affinity apps, Photoshop and Google Drive.
JUN 18 2021: App Tamer 2.6.3 reduces its own CPU usage and addresses a number of user-reported issues.
MAY 20 2021: Default Folder X 5.5.9 improves performance, fixes keyboard traversal of its menu and addresses issues with the Finder, Path Finder and ForkLift.
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